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Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm and global liquidity provider. Our trading is based on mathematical modeling and strategies and we use innovative technology, a scientific approach, and a deep understanding of markets to stay successful. Quantitative analysis and insights into related markets enable us to make competitive markets in even the most complicated products. On an average day, we trade over $13 billion in equities worldwide.
Technology is core to our business, and software development is integrated into everything we do. The scope of the systems we build is large, with billions of dollars of transactions flowing through them every day. Researchers at Jane Street investigate some of the most challenging problems presented by the competitive marketplace. The problems we work on rarely have clean, definitive answers and we are comfortable pushing in new and unknown directions while maintaining clarity of purpose.
We offer internships in four different groups: trading, technology, research and business development. Our typical summer internship lasts 10–12 weeks. You work alongside full timers, and we get to know you and see how you think about and solve the kinds of problems we deal with every day. All interns also spend time in a foreign office with travel and accommodation arranged by Jane Street.
At Jane Street, people like to work together—and play together. We have regular after-work events: talks, trivia nights, dinners, sports and cultural outings, and classes. We have excellent benefits including zero-premium health insurance, retirement benefits, fully stocked kitchens, daily catered breakfast and lunch, and a private on-site gym.'

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